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Forgiveness and Global Peace


Forgiveness? Now? by Donald Shriver

Researchers probe forgiveness in South Africa

"Political Reconciliation or Forgiveness for Murder—Amnesty and its Application in Selected Cases" by Claudio R. Santorum and Antonio Maldonado

"An Ethic for Enemies:  Forgiveness in Politics" presentation by Dr. Shriver 

"Forgiveness in Conflict Resolution," a Project of the Woodstock Theological Center

Toward Reconciliation: Forgiveness by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela

The Long Road to Forgiveness by Julie H. Keisman

No forgiveness, no future An Interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu  

Forget Forgiveness in a World of Atrocities

Forgiveness:  The Harsh and Dreadful Precursor to Justice